First Grown Up Job Guide: Conducting a Discreet Job Search

By July 30, 2018For Talent

Throughout our ”First Grown Up Job Guide” series we’ve discussed just a few of the stumbling blocks young professionals can face in their first full-time role, from giving presentations to preparing for a performance review.

But what happens when it’s time to ditch your first real job and move on to pastures new? Here’s how to conduct a discreet job search while you’re still employed.

Update your online info

CVs are outdated. If you want to find a new job you will need to make sure your online presence is on point. Before you start your job search, take some time to make sure that your LinkedIn page and Jobbio bio are up to date. Add in any new skills you might have acquired over the last few months and don’t forget to include any major projects you may have worked on. The great thing about your Jobbio bio is that it is private. Companies will only see your page when you apply to a role which means your current boss won’t know you’re on the hunt for something better.

Don’t search for jobs when you’re at work

Yes, I know it’s really tempting, especially when you find yourself at a loose end at 4pm on a Friday. But when you’re at work your employer is paying you for your time it is as simple as that. Show them respect by giving them your full attention during work hours. You will have plenty of time to research roles online in the evening or even at the weekend.

Schedule interviews outside of work hours

If possible try to arrange interviews outside of your regular 9-5. You can only have so many 9am dentist appointments before you start to raise suspicion. You should also be careful about the clothes you’re wearing. Nothing screams ”I’ve got an interview today” like a brand new outfit. If your office attire is usually very casual then it might be worth changing your outfit at home or even in a cafe before the interview so that you don’t give yourself away.


Do you know someone who works at your dream company? Why not ask them to meet up for a coffee. Networking might seem corny but it is a fantastic way to make an impression and hear about job opportunities before they are even advertised.

Don’t sabotage yourself

It’s very hard to stay focused when you know you will be leaving your job soon (fingers crossed!). It’s important that you don’t take your eye off the ball or start slacking. Remember that even if you leave this company you may have to rely on them for a reference. Also, who knows when you might bump into your coworkers again. Keep your head down and you will leave on a good note.

Tell no one

You might think that Grace from sales is the most trustworthy person on the planet but think again. Until you have secured a new job, signed your contract and been given a start date then you should tell no one about your new venture apart from your close friends and family. When it comes to breaking the news at your current role you should always tell your boss first.

Remember it’s not as scary as you think

Leaving your first real job can seem like a daunting task. The thought of having to start all over again, learn new systems and make new friends can seem completely overwhelming. But remember you’ve done it once and you can do it again. Trust us, it gets easier.

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