Expert tips: How to get better at networking

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The benefits to networking are widely known: it helps build your confidence, improves your communication skills and allows you to meet potential colleagues, employers and mentors. It’s also a great way to learn from your peers about industry developments and opportunities to partner on new projects.

Ahead of the biggest careers event of the year, we asked the experts to share their best networking tip.

Paul Abercrombie, Head of Talent EMEA at Bazaarvoice

For Paul the key to good networking is being polite and respectful to everyone you meet. You never fully know how someone will be able to help you out or contribute to your success in the future.

“Be courteous at all times as your own network will give back what you put in when you most need it to.”

Alex Balfe, People and Culture Manager at beryl

Another vital element to networking is to come prepared.

“Do a bit of research before an event and see if you can find a list of attendees; it means you can build a list of people you’d like to talk to and some topics you’d like to discuss.”

Harry Brown, Lead Talent Partner at Capital One

According to Harry, you need to take the networking initiative. Don’t wait for people to come and talk to you.

“Jump straight in and get talking to the first person you see!”

Claudia Coelho, Talent and Community Coordinator at 11:FS

The goal at any networking event should be to build a number of contacts who can help accelerate your development.

“Keep a mailing list so you can reach out to those you’ve met.”

Hanifa Azri, Founder at ReGal 38i83

Hanifa believes in the power of positivity. When meeting new people, it comes down to three essentials.

“Trust, Love and Respect.”

Anna Roe, Global Head of People at Airsorted

Anna’s top networking tip is to overcome your shyness and initiate conversation with new people.

“Just be brave and be yourself! Chat to anyone, its always awkward.”


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