A Day in The Life of Ana Maria Picior, Branch Store Manager at Mr Price Branded Bargains

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What do you do in your current role?

”I lead a team, manage the rota and make sure safety, security, and cleanliness operations are adhered to at all times. I also oversee back door operations, ensuring that deliveries are processed in a timely and careful manner.
”Another one of my tasks is supervising and motivating the team. I see to it that targets are met and staff are performing to the highest standard possible. Conducting performance reviews and holding meetings with the team are also part of my remit. Finally, I manage the finances of the store and make sure we achieve all of our KPIs.”

How did you join the Mr Price team?

”I had never worked in retail before. At college, I studied law. When I got the job in Mr Price as a shop assistant I thought it would be a short term role.
”It was hard work but I loved that I could develop my imagination and design displays. Mr Price does not operate with planograms like other big retailers so you have freedom as long as you meet the high standards of the company.
”After one year on the shop floor, I was promoted to the supervisor position. A year later I became a store manager. As the company is rapidly expanding there are a lot of opportunities.
”3 years later I am still developing a brilliant brand for Mr Price and delivering the best service to our customers. It’s hard work but believe me, I love every part of it. I think I will stick with retail in favour of law as I’m enjoying it too much.”

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How do you spend your day?

”Every day is different (which is great because you don’t get bored). Every morning I have a meeting with my management team. We set up the priorities and then we get started. I make sure that all the plans and goals that we have set for the day are met.
”Some days I could be in the office all day, sorting papers and documents. Other days I am on the shop floor with my team.”

What’s the best part of your role?

”The best thing about my role is that I can build my own team. We all work as a family and some of our customers come into the store just for a chat.
”I love the fact that if I or one of the team members has an idea, I can pick up the phone and talk with HQ. If it’s a good idea it will be trialled in 42 shops (and growing). Your ideas matter. I can discover brilliant people and I have the opportunity to open new doors for those people towards a career that they love.”

What is the biggest challenge?

”The biggest challenge is finding a team that helps you to deliver the best customer service. After you find that team you need to develop your people so together you can grow, improve, and be the best in your jobs.”

What qualities are needed to excel in your role?

”You definitely need to be ambitious, communicative, trustworthy and hard-working.”

Any advice for someone applying for a role like yours?

”Always deliver no matter how hard it is. Don’t be scared to go for something new. Work hard and the results will be amazing.”

Why should someone be excited about working in your role or company?

”Because you can do it in your own way. In this company, there isn’t a good or a bad way. You can develop yourself and your team. At Mr Price, you matter and you can create something great every day. You never get bored here.”

What’s your ultimate career goal?

”I love working with people and my career goal will be something in this field but at the moment I love my job so I am only trying to improve. One thing is for sure, I’ll never go back to law as I love what I am doing too much.”

What’s the one thing you wish people knew about your job?

”That is very rewarding. Knowing that you can create something and that you can develop people is wonderful.”

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