Here’s a simple breakdown of the new Covid-19 restrictions

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There are a number of new Covid-19 restrictions in place. 

Earlier this week, the government took the advice of NPHET, and introduced a number of new Covid-19 related restrictions.

It felt like a bit of a blow, as we have come so far in the fight against the virus, but cases are on the rise, and the government had to react accordingly. 

The new restrictions came into effect immediately and remain in place until September 13th.

So what are they, and what do they mean? Here’s a simple breakdown of the new restrictions. 

new Covid-19 restrictions

All businesses should continue to work remotely where possible.

Indoor gatherings limited to six people from no more than three households.

Outdoor gatherings are to be limited to 15 people.

Restaurants and cafes, including pubs which serve food, can remain open but with a mandatory closing time of 11.30pm.

Sports events and matches are to revert to ‘behind-closed-doors’ with no spectators allowed. 

Indoor training should be limited to six people and outdoor training should be limited to 15 people.

Public transport should be avoided where possible.

If you are travelling in a car or other vehicle with someone from outside your household, it is recommended that you wear a face covering.

new Covid-19 restrictionsThere are also a number of new recommendations for people over 70, or those in high risk categories. 

Keep the number of people you meet as low as possible. When you do meet people – it should be at a distance of two metres and for as short a time as possible.

Avoid public transport where possible.

Shop during designated hours (special times that shops have set up for those who are over-70 or medically vulnerable to safely do their shopping).

For more information about how to stop the spread of Covid-19, head over to the HSE’s website. Be safe everyone. We’ll get through this! 

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