8 things you’ll only understand if you’re a teacher

By November 11, 2020For Talent

Teachers don’t get half the recognition they deserve. They work long hours, they rarely switch off from their roles, and they spend their days educating the next generation (no biggie!).

1. No one understands just how much work you do.

”How can you be busy? You finish work at 3pm?” Ugh, you wish! While teachers might only be in school for a certain period of time, that doesn’t mean they just switch off the moment they go home. You spend hours behind the scenes grading essays, creating lesson plans, and talking to parents.

2. You secretly have your favourite students

I’m sorry but no teacher loves all their students equally. Deep down you will have a soft spot for one or two of them, probably the ones that remind you of yourself when you were a student.

3. You’ll hear way too much gossip about your students’ love lives

Even though you didn’t ask. You know exactly who is going out with who, who kissed who at the weekend, and which couple decided to call it quits. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop them telling you this information.

4. Sometimes you just want to laugh

Especially when a student pulls off a brilliant prank or comes up with the perfect crude joke. You’re only human after all. On more than one occasion you’ve had to bite your lip and turn away. Must. Not. Giggle.

5. Dealing with parents who think they can do a better job than you

By all means, please show me how to do the job that I have been doing for years. I would love to hear all your excellent and valid opinions.

6. Laminating is your favourite hobby.

If the thought of laminating something makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside then you’re definitely a teacher, no doubt about it.

7. You don’t know what you’re going to call your children

Because different students have completely ruined certain names for you.

8. You wouldn’t give it up for anything

You might complain about the tiring days and crazy workload but you can’t imagine doing anything else with your career. Being a teacher might not be as glamorous as you once thought it was but you wouldn’t give it up for the world.

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