This Data Proves that Companies that Invest and Showcase their Employer Branding are Winning

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There’s been a lot of focus in HR around the Great Resignation, what it means for jobs, and how companies can attract talent moving forward.

So we decided to crunch the Jobbio numbers on our side and see if there was any data that stood out to us, in order to help people make decisions around their talent attraction strategy.

We looked at the traffic to Jobbio and all of the applications that happened on Jobbio in 2021, whether they were using our ATS or through an integration. 

Three key trends appeared to us:

People are looking at more jobs, on average 

In 2021, the average Jobbio user looked at 58% more jobs than in 2020, and 36% more jobs than in 2019. Why is this? 

Feedback from our talent suggested that they are being more choosy before applying to roles. People want to know about the company culture, if the company offers remote or flexible work options and they want to make sure that the company that they are applying to matches their values. They want to know all of this before they click that Apply button!

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80% of the companies with the most applications in 2021 were showcasing their employer brand  

If you are on a subscription with Jobbio, purchase a premium jobs posting or are an employer branding customer, we will work with you to build a company profile. This company profile allows you to showcase your mission, values, employees and anything else that you think is relevant for a talent to know before they apply to your jobs. 

80% of the top 20 companies that received applications on Jobbio last year had a company profile that allowed them to showcase their employer brand. These companies were not all global tech giants with thousands of employees. We had a mix of companies ranging from hospitality brands to communications companies, and featured companies from Ireland, the UK and Canada, as well as some global players.

Companies that invested in their employer brand had 53% more applications per job 

We wanted to remove any internal bias we had, so we looked at all companies that received applications on Jobbio in 2021. We separated them out based on those that had a company profile or were showcasing their employer brand and those that did not, including anyone that posted more than 1 job and received at least 1 application. 

This allowed us to clearly see a pattern whereby the average number of applications per job was 53% higher for those companies that were showcasing their employer brand.

So what can I do with this information?

People are looking at more jobs before they click apply. The companies, whether big or small, that are investing in their employer brand and showcasing it are getting more applications. 

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If you have no budget and haven’t started: 

There’s still some really easy things that you can do to gain an advantage, such as benchmarking your salaries, having perks and benefits, having a flexible working plan in place and communicating these things in your job spec when hiring. 

If you’ve already invested in your employer brand: 

Are you communicating that everywhere you should be? You’ve got that information on your company website, social media, your ATS and any job boards that you use. But is this enough to pipeline and attract passive talent and applications? We have a network of more than 30 partners where you can put your jobs, employer brand and content in front of relevant passive talent. If this is of interest, get in touch!  

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If you want to get started on employer branding:

Our employer branding team are experts at developing your employer brand strategy. We shoot great content, we showcase that on your bespoke company profile and we share that across our exclusive network of partners. We can help bring your employer brand to life, no matter how big or small your budget is!

Now that you have the data, it’s time to make some decisions! Get in touch with us today 🙂  


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