Jobbio’s Amply network is delighted to announce a new key partnership with Euronews, which highlights top career opportunities across Europe. 

Talent management continues to be a top concern among all industries, and for good reason. Finding and retaining the best talent is the only way to safeguard the future of any business. With unemployment at a record low, the number of companies hiring is high, which is why Euronews has teamed up with Jobbio on

“We specialise in getting the right jobs and companies in front of the right audiences.”

Together, we are connecting companies with prospective candidates who may not be actively looking for a new role. This not only helps employers add to their talent pool and find the cream of the crop, but it ensures workers are aware of all the opportunities open to them.

Powered by Jobbio’s Amply network, this new job board is bolstered by thousands of incredible jobs and offers a practical solution to the vast hiring challenges in Europe right now.

Jobbio’s Amply network announces key partnership with Euronews.

Speaking about this partnership, Tom Roche, VP Digital Commercial Strategy & Revenue Development of Euronews says: “There is an awareness of the challenges to attract top talent to particular roles, across multiple industries. We are therefore delighted to launch, powered by Amply, to provide accessible, relevant roles to Euronews’ audience. In partnership with Jobbio, Euronews is excited to support professionals to discover their desired jobs.”

Meanwhile, CEO of Jobbio, Stephen Quinn says. “We specialise in getting the right jobs and companies in front of the right audiences. This partnership with Europe’s leading international news channel means we can do just that, ensuring more people will find their dream jobs. So if you are considering a career move or if you’re an employer eager to highlight an open position and attract the best talent, helps to cut through all the noise on the internet, resulting in a more successful match.” 

To search thousands of jobs across Europe, or get your job in front of millions of talent, click here.

Or if you’re publisher looking to join our expanding Amply network, click here to explore the benefits of a partnership today. 

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