NextPit announces an exciting new strategic partnership with Jobbio’s Amply network to connect companies with top talent.

NextPit, the leading specialist online magazine in consumer electronics and digital lifestyle, have teamed up with Jobbio’s Amply network on a strategic partnership, offering exclusive job boards across, and These custom job boards feature a list of jobs specifically curated for the NextPit community. 

Powered by Jobbio’s Amply network, these new job boards are bolstered by thousands of incredible jobs, offering a practical solution to the vast hiring challenges faced globally right now.

Together, we are connecting companies with prospective talent who many not be actively seeking a new role. This helps employers to find the best staff, and workers to easily discover roles right for them. 

Jobbio’s Amply network has teamed up with NextPit to connect companies with top talent.

Speaking about this new partnership, Fabien Röhlinger, Managing Direct of NextPit GmbH said: “Together with Jobbio and their Amply network, we want to present NextPit readers with exciting jobs again and again, without being annoying or intrusive. The Amply network has access to thousands of vacancies from almost every sector, in different cities and from smaller to very large companies. So there is perfect synergy in developing this job board through our sites and redefining how companies connect with their future workforce.”

Meanwhile, CEO of Jobbio, Stephen Quinn says. “NextPit is the only online specialist magazine that encompasses the digital lifestyle sector in Europe, and is published in six different languages. We are delighted to bring our expertise in recruitment platforms, specifically attracting passive talent, to the table and we’re excited to join forces with NextPit on this new strategic partnership.” 

To find a job or expand your career potential, have a browse

Or if you’re publisher looking to join our expanding Amply network, click here to explore the benefits of a partnership today. 



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