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Below is a snapshot of just some of the content we produced for publishing partners this week on the evolving world of work. We covered the new Cypriot tech scene emerging in Nicosia, why the 9 to 5 might be over for good and the interview no nos best avoided if you want to secure top talent. 

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Is the 9-5 as we know it officially over?

If you had the choice, would you rather a pay raise or a reduction in the amount of hours you’re expected to work each week? Asks Jobbio contributor Aisling O’Toole on VentureBeat.

This is a very real dilemma facing companies and staff across the world as the labour market continues to experience a skills shortage caused by the Great Resignation. 

As employers adjust to working life post-pandemic, it appears the 9-5 as we know it has been irrevocably changed. But how are companies responding? “For some employers, getting ahead of the curve and ensuring a happy workforce has resulted in carrying out trials of four day weeks without impacting salaries and looking at outcomes.”

New day dawns:

The No Nos: What Not To Ask In Job Interview

Hiring staff in the current climate can be a minefield, so when you have good candidates ready to interview, it’s important to ask the write questions. “But what about the questions you shouldn’t ask a candidate?” asks Jobbio’s senior content manager, Kirstie McDermott via Professional Beauty. “It is really important to get this right as well. After all, an interview is a two-way street, and in the same way that you are assessing a candidate’s suitability for the job, they are deciding whether they want to come and work for you.”  

A bad interview – and bad questions – can be the deciding factor in whether you make the cut. Sixty-five per cent of job seekers say a horrible interview experience will make them question whether they want the job at all. 

So, in order to avoid that happening, Kirstie has put together some interview no nos best avoided when you’ve got some roles to fill.
The Big Nos:  

A guide to working in the Nicosia tech scene

Cyprus is far more than just a (very popular) tourist hotspot in the Mediterranean, writes Pippa Hardy over on Information Age. Right now, the island is slowly transforming into a powerful tech force thanks to favourable government policies, a highly educated workforce, and cost-effective services.

Right at the heart of this tech revolution is the capital city of Nicosia. The last divided capital city in Europe, the city split in December 1967 following a constitutional crisis. Nicosia is landlocked right in the centre of Cyprus, but what it lacks in beaches, it more than makes up for in beautiful architecture, lively cafes and a thriving tech scene.

New beginnings:

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