Amply and Safeopedia Team Up To Create Innovative Safety Job Board

Safeopedia joins Jobbio’s Amply network to create a specialised job board that caters to the evolving needs of the health and safety sector.

As a comprehensive online resource for safety professionals and decision makers, Safeopedia knows, more than most, that the landscape of workplace safety is undergoing rapid transformations. This has created a major challenge for employers: demand for skilled health and safety professionals has surged, but companies are struggling to find the right people to staff their safety positions.

This new partnership between Amply and Safeopedia addresses this problem by providing a new way to connect top-tier talent.

Jobbio's Amply network join forces with Safeopedia

Bringing Safety Professionals and Companies Together

This collaboration capitalises on the strengths of both organisations to provide a unique platform designed specifically for the health and safety community. Jobbio’s Amply network is renowned for its innovative tech and recruitment expertise, while Safeopedia is a trusted source of industry insights and knowledge. This partnership merges those strengths to boost professional development within health and safety.

“We envision this partnership as a catalyst for redefining how health and safety professionals find meaningful employment opportunities. Our mission has always been to connect people with work that truly matters, and partnering with Safeopedia underscores our commitment to helping people find their place in the world,” says Stephen Quinn, CEO of Jobbio.

Empowering Safety Professionals

The tailored job board will feature positions spanning various health and safety specialties, ranging from industrial hygiene and occupational health to workplace safety management and environmental compliance. Specially designed for safety professionals, the platform will help job seekers find roles that align with their expertise and values. Employers, meanwhile, will have access to a pool of rigorously screened, high-quality candidates, streamlining their recruitment efforts.

“We recognise the pivotal role that health and safety professionals play in ensuring the well-being of every worker. By partnering with Jobbio’s Amply network, we will be able to create a hub where safety professionals can discover roles that match their skill sets, allowing them to make a real difference,” notes Scott Cuthbert, CEO of Safeopedia.

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