The future of recruitment in web3 – CoinAcademy joins the Amply network

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CoinAcademy joins forces with Jobbio’s Amply network to form a new partnership offering a complete platform which sets to redefine recruitment in web3.

This new job board offers potential for both job seekers and companies in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Jobbio’s Amply network, a trailblazer in recruitment tech, has teamed up with CoinAcademy, a leading source of blockchain education and insights, to launch a cutting-edge job board tailored exclusively for the blockchain community.

Empowering the Blockchain Workforce

The blockchain and crypto industry is reshaping how we envision the future, and the need for skilled professionals in this space has never been more pressing.

Through this strategic partnership, Jobbio’s Amply network and CoinAcademy are creating a dynamic platform that bridges the gap between talented blockchain and crypto enthusiasts and forward-thinking companies.

Jobbio CEO Stephen Quinn says: “This partnership signifies our dedication to providing the blockchain and crypto communities with a platform that not only connects talent with opportunities but also nurtures a culture of continuous learning and growth. Together, we’re shaping the landscape of blockchain recruitment and contributing to the industry’s exciting evolution.”

A Fusion of Expertise

This partnership combines the Amply network’s advanced technology with CoinAcademy’s deep-rooted understanding of the blockchain landscape. The result? A platform that’s more than just a job board – it’s a community hub where professionals can find roles that align with their passions, and employers can discover the talent that will shape the future of blockchain.

Crafting Futures, Together

The tailored job board will cater to a diverse range of roles within the blockchain and Web3 sector – from blockchain developers and cryptocurrency analysts to smart contract experts and beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned blockchain professional or looking to dive into this exciting realm, this platform will serve as your gateway to impactful opportunities.

“We’re not just launching a job board,” says Quinn “we’re fostering a community that thrives on innovation, learning, and progress. Together with CoinAcademy, we’re enabling professionals to take their career journey to the next level.”

What’s Next?

This partnership isn’t just about helping you find a job or the right candidate – it’s about being part of something transformative. With Amply’s technology and CoinAcademy’s expertise, we’re shaping the future of blockchain recruitment and growth.

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