Can ChatGPT write your Christmas out of office message? The answer is yes!

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Picture this scene: you’ve gotten all your work done for the year, your desk is littered with empty Quality Street wrappers (and you may have had a drop of Baileys in your coffee), Christmas tunes are blaring across the office, and you’re sure that you pretty much done and dusted for the festive season.


You’ve forgotten your out of office (OOO) message, haven’t you? One of the most innocuous-seeming tasks, it is also something that can take ages to craft and get right, especially if you want to inject a bit of personality.

Depending on where you work––and who you work with––a bit of lighthearted fun can be in order for your Christmas OOO. But who has the time to research puns and jokes? ChatGPT, that’s who.

Of course, in a year dominated by news reports about the rise of Generative AI and the potential problems around it, we should all exercise caution when it comes to what ChatGPT can and can’t do.

It can’t do your job for you, but it can be used to make some parts of your job easier––such as quickly writing you a fun OOO message for the holiday season.

We tasked it with generating some fun responses around general festive cheer, jokes, food and holiday puns. Would you use any of these for your Christmas message?

SantaGeneral festive cheer

Subject: Gone Roasting Chestnuts – Out of Office Until the New Year!


Thanks for reaching out! I’m currently away from my desk, perfecting my chestnut-roasting skills and attempting to out-decorate Clark Griswold with my Christmas lights. If you need assistance before I return on [Your Return Date], you might have better luck asking a helpful elf or a talking snowman.

Wishing you a joyful holiday season and looking forward to connecting in the New Year!

Best festive wishes,

[Your Name]

Subject: Santa’s Apprentice Taking Over – Out of Office Alert!

Ho ho ho!

You’ve reached [Your Name]’s inbox, but I’m currently busy shadowing Santa as his official apprentice. It’s not easy handling all those presents and maintaining a jolly belly, you know! I’ll be back at my desk and ready to tackle your emails on [Your Return Date]. Until then, may your days be merry and your coffee be strong!

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

Subject: Currently on a Sleigh Ride – Out of Office Magic in Progress!


Thank you for your email! I’m currently out of the office, riding shotgun on Santa’s sleigh, spreading holiday cheer and checking the naughty and nice lists. If your matter requires urgent attention, I’ve left a magical snowman in charge – just tell him I sent you, and he’ll do his best. I’ll be back to reality and my desk on [Your Return Date].

Wishing you a snowstorm of joy,

[Your Name]

The foodie ones

Subject: On a Cookie Baking Extravaganza – Out of Office until [Your Return Date]


Thank you for your message! I’m currently knee-deep in flour and sugar, whipping up batches of festive cookies and attempting to create gingerbread masterpieces. If you need assistance before I return on [Your Return Date], try asking the gingerbread man – he’s surprisingly resourceful!

Wishing you a sweet and joyous holiday season,

[Your Name]

Subject: Away for a Feastival – Out of Office Delights Until [Your Return Date]


Your email has been caught in the aroma of spices and roasting delights! I’m currently on a gastronomic adventure, exploring the wonders of holiday feasts and indulging in way too many cookies. For any urgent matters, please consult my emergency candy cane hotline. I’ll be back and ready to digest your emails on [Your Return Date].

Bon appétit!

[Your Name]

Subject: Mixing It Up in the Holiday Kitchen – Out of Office Until [Your Return Date]

Hi there,

I’m currently donning my festive apron and experimenting with culinary concoctions that may or may not involve copious amounts of chocolate and peppermint. If you require assistance in my absence before I return on [Your Return Date], please consult the magic recipe book on my desk – it holds the answers to many mysteries.

Wishing you a season full of delicious surprises,

[Your Name]

The punning ones

Subject: Yule Be Sorry – Out of Office Merriment Until [Your Return Date]


Your email has been wrapped up and placed under the metaphorical Christmas tree, awaiting my return on [Your Return Date]. I’m currently on a holiday adventure, sipping cocoa and trying not to get tangled in tinsel. If it’s urgent, try sending a carrier pigeon—just make sure it has a red nose.

Wishing you a season filled with ho-ho-hopeful anticipation,

[Your Name]

Subject: Jingle All the Way to My Inbox – Out of Office Caroling Until [Your Return Date]


I’m currently on a sleigh ride through the magical land of Out-of-Office, singing carols and savoring gingerbread cookies. Your email has been added to my list of gifts to unwrap upon my return on [Your Return Date]. Until then, may your days be merry and your coffee strong enough to jingle your bells.

Warm wishes,

[Your Name]

Subject: Sleighing It Outside the Inbox – Out of Office Snow Much Fun Until [Your Return Date]

Hi there,

I’m frolicking in the winter wonderland of “Out of the Office,” perfecting my snow angel technique and attempting to build a gingerbread igloo. If you need assistance before I return on [Your Return Date], just “snowball” your questions and I’ll catch them on my return. Until then, have a flurry of festive fun!

Snow long for now,

[Your Name]

The Christmas cracker ones

Subject: Wrapping Up, Literally – Out of Office Until [Your Return Date]


‘Tis the season to be jolly, and I’m currently spreading joy like butter on warm toast! Your email has joined the festive queue, patiently waiting for my return on [Your Return Date]. In the meantime, here’s a Christmas joke to brighten your day: Why did the Christmas tree go to the barber? It needed a trim!

Wishing you laughter and tinsel,

[Your Name]

Subject: Santa’s IT Elf – Out of Office Coding in the Workshop Until [Your Return Date]


I’m currently on a coding spree in Santa’s high-tech workshop, fine-tuning the algorithm for optimal present delivery. Your email is as secure as Santa’s naughty-or-nice list and will be unwrapped upon my return on [Your Return Date]. Meanwhile, here’s a joke to tickle your holiday funny bone: What do you get if you cross a snowman and a vampire? Frostbite!

Cheers to festive chuckles,

[Your Name]

Subject: Stocking Up on Cheer – Out of Office Sleighing It Until [Your Return Date]

Hi there,

I’m currently off the grid, knee-deep in tinsel and holiday spirit! Your email is on the nice list and will be attended to upon my return on [Your Return Date]. Here’s a Christmas joke to keep you smiling: Why did the gingerbread man go to the doctor? He was feeling crumbly!

Wishing you a season full of laughter,

[Your Name]

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