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Jobbio hosted it’s inaugural Talent Hustle on Tuesday the 14th of September. We always had a vision of hosting paperless events and helping like minded people network in an effective matter. No matter how much technology and markets adapt, we’ve noticed nothing beats a face to face interaction when it comes to careers.

The Talent Hustle started with inviting some of what we believe to be the most exciting startups in Dublin. We wanted Brands with passionate founders and CEO’s who would be able to communicate their vision and what they can offer clearly to the talent. The startup community is very inspiring. It is filled with innovators and focused on people who won’t take ‘No’ for an answer when it comes to achieving their goal. They bring an energy and enthusiasm which you can’t help but be affected by. Now multiply that by the 20 attendee’s we had and we felt we created an exciting evening on our hands.

Based in Opium the evening started at 6.30pm on the button, with a handful of eager job seekers looking to make an impact. The talent on the night was fantastic to see, the quality and variety adding a huge amount to the evening. Many Brands made instant connections and pipelined hires, making it worthwhile for all involved.

The unique aspect of the night was obviously the utilisation of our App. Job discovery and Application on the move is something which we are very much revolutionising and we wanted it to be a focal point of Talent hustle.

The idea was to meet a Brand, hear more from their employee’s and culture. If it was a good fit, simply take out your smartphone and connect with them. You can update your application at any point on your device which allowed people to come prepared and update themselves as they go. This helped the Brands create a relevant private network while allowing the talent to apply right there and then with a matter of clicks.

It still being early days for Jobbio with regards to event hosting we also learnt a huge amount on the night, which we will take forward to improve ourselves going forward. The aspect ourselves enjoyed most was getting to see a core aspect of Jobbio in full swing, mobile application. Combined with the networking with the Brands and talent which were present we feel it is was a successful night all round which we will definitely be eager to do again.

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