Introducing The New And Improved Jobbio Careers Event

By July 11, 2017Events

There’s been a lot of change at Jobbio recently. We’ve expanded. We’ve moved. We sent Jobbions to New York and we hired a rake of new faces. It’s been an exciting period of growth and as we moved into startup adolescence, we felt it only suitable to change the name of our flagship careers event.

The only problem was that, despite being very creative and capable folk, we couldn’t agree on a new name that reflected our growth. So, we put our trust in you – our forever loyal and engaged community.

We received hundreds of suggestions. Some were incredibly creative. Some were words we’d never heard before. Some were comedy gold.

But when we looked at them all, one inspired a stroke of genius. It wasn’t exactly the name we were looking for but it was the inspiration; the spark that lit the creative flame; the lubricant that oiled our imagination. It was the perspective that we needed and it suddenly helped us see our journey to date, our trajectory and our boundless ambition.

With a little spelling tweak we fell in love with Jobbio HIGHER

A name that not only represented the potential for career progression through our event but that also gave a not-so-subtle hat tip to what we do everyday, help companies hire great talent. Who doesn’t love a good word play?

The name isn’t the only thing that’s new! We’ve found a new home in The Truman Brewery: bigger digs that allow us to welcome more exhibitors, better displays and

Not only will Jobbio HIGHER be bigger and better than previous events – we’ll be welcoming even more talent through the door. 5,000 to be exact. Our team are in the thick of planning, scheming and imagining the tech careers event to end all tech careers events and we’re confident you’re going to enjoy it more than ever.  

Congratulations to Brendan McElroy from Electric Media who stimulated our new moniker and bagged himself a European City break. For those of you who submitted and came close thank you for the inspiration. 

Do you want to connect with the UK’s best tech and digital candidates? Exhibit at Jobbio HIGHER  on September 28th, to meet game changing talent from Full Stack Developers to Performance Marketers.


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Aoife Geary is the Content Editor at Jobbio specialising in the areas of Workplace Culture, Diversity, Startups and Digital Trends. She's partial to a burrito, a bad pun and living way beyond her means.

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