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In the past few years, all sorts of hackathons have bulldozed their way into the events lists of emerging and already established companies passionate about innovation. Hackfests, which are also codefe(a)sts, have become the spaces where pioneering ideas are put together by talented coders, web, UX & graphic designers with the fiery set of skills.


Traditionally at the hackathons, the likeminded individuals team up to animate their enthusiasm in bringing new ideas to the world.  All that, having just shy of 24-48 hours to build those very ideas. Jobbio had a chance to attend one of London’s newly launched Adpreneurs Product Hunt Hackathon to meet a rich mix of tech talent.

The three-day event saw sleep-deprived techies collaborating and pitching to the judges some of their top-notch ideas.  Overall over 150 hackers participated, with over fifteen teams presenting their innovative solutions for improving communities.

The winners, team Sign, got something from Jobbio too

The range of ideas brought fresh and accessible ways of ameliorating our daily lives. Seven teams advanced to the final. The prize-winners included Better (an app designed to help fix low self-esteem by encouraging an individual to complete different tasks), GoodSeats (targeting to fill the empty seats on football stadiums by giving tickets to those wishing to volunteer for the community in return) and the overall winner Sign (fighting dodgy landlords and ensuring safety of the paid deposit).

We have also noted our favourites and spoke to these bright individuals about their ambitions and hopes. Robert Surpateanu, the UX Designer, who worked with two of his team members on Sign, underlines the importance for Talent to attend and participate in these type of events since it helped “meto find passionate, likeminded individuals that complete my skill set […] and materialise the idea we feel confident enough to present in front of hundreds of people.”  

If you are a Talent looking for the opportunities to test, show and share your skills – a hackathon is the right place to go. It can be beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • you will meet people who are passionate about something you do as much as you are (if not more);
  • you can improve what you are working on by discussing your ideas with the fellow hackers;
  • you can combine business with pleasure as it is a fun environment, full of networking opportunities.

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Thank you to the brilliant Talent we met at this event and thank you to Product Hunt (@ProductHunt) and Adpreneurs (@Adpreneurs) for inviting us to this exciting hackathon.

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