6 Ways to be Productive during your Job Hunt

By November 10, 2015For Talent

Anyone who has been through the job hunting process can probably agree that it is tough, time-consuming, and even disheartening. Nearly 40% of graduates are looking for work six months after graduating whilst a quarter remain unemployed after a year. When you’re faced with a flurry of rejections or you can’t seem to find the perfect job for you, how can you stay motivated?

Whether you’re looking for part-time work or ready to kickstart your career, here are Jobbio’s top six tips for staying productive (and positive) during your job hunt:

1. Create a routine

Don’t fall into the trap of staying home all day and watching Netflix between job applications. Allocate time to job hunting, but don’t forget to see your friends or go to the gym. Knowing that you’ve got somewhere to be will motivate you to spend your time more efficiently.

2. Focus your search

It could be tempting to apply for anything and everything to improve your chances, but doing so is likely to be inefficient. Instead, focus on quality over quantity and question whether this is a job you really want in the first place.

3. Use spreadsheets

Keep track of deadlines and other key bits of information on an Excel sheet to avoid missing out on opportunities simply because you’d got your timings or details wrong.

4. Attend networking events

Get valuable information about the company and role that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. Plus, if the role you’re applying for requires you to answer some questions you’ll be able to give more personal responses. For example, “I met Stephen at a Careers event and after seeing him show so much passion towards Jobbio, I felt compelled to apply for the role“.

5. Widen your skillset

Perhaps you studied history but you’re also interested in coding or Photoshop. Well, now you’ve got the time to learn! Start some courses in whatever you’re interested in. Some great options are available at Coursera, One Month, or General Assembly. This means you will not only take up a cool hobby, but upskill yourself and make yourself more valuable and interesting to future employers as well.

6. Stay informed

Keep up to date on industry news to be able to demonstrate your awareness in interviews. Also, it would be helpful to read up on interview tips prior.


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