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AnnaHi, I’m Anna – one of the Account Managers here at Jobbio.

The AM team prides itself on looking after some of the biggest and best companies both on a global and local scale, making sure their experience with Jobbio is worthwhile. Here are some tips around 5 ways your Account Manager can help… I think they’ll be able to help you in more ways than you might consider!

1. Creating the Perfect Job Post

We encourage you to enhance your job description with pictures, videos, links, and keywords – no black and white job specs allowed! Talent love learning about company culture so including your office space, extra perks, career progression opportunities and free food (if this is on offer!) can give your job spec the cutting edge. From giving advice on content or even the job title, your AM will be able to help you create a perfect job post.

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2. Marketing

So now you’ve created the perfect job post… but it doesn’t stop there! Jobbio is not just a jobs board, it’s a recruitment marketing solution – perfect for promoting your company as a great place to work. Your AM will make sure you know about all the different ways you can market your company and roles, whether it’s being featured in blog posts (like our ‘Jobbio meets…’ series) or adding new, fresh, and exciting content to your Jobbio page.

3. Tech Support

The AM team know Jobbio inside out so we’re always happy to lend a hand. Not sure how to embed a video? Want a better way to organise your talent pool? Want to change your login details? Your AM will help with all this, and they can explain it all in plain English… no tech jargon here!

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4. Understanding your Package

Did you know that the Swimming Pool package includes an office photography session? Or that our Olympic Pool package gives you priority on our landing page? You can get a lot more than just unlimited job postings throughout your 12-month subscription – just ask your AM for a refresher on all of Jobbio’s features.

5. Communication and Feedback

Don’t forget to check in with your AM regularly, so they always have a good understanding of your hiring needs. Our phone is answered 100% of the time, usually within 10 seconds of ringing (test us – we’re confident!)

And like any new and fast-growing company, Jobbio thrives on feedback. Feel free to send your AM any comments, whether it’s about functionality or recommendations for new features, and we’ll make sure it is passed onto the right team.

Finally, we love a good news story. If you hired your newest team member from Jobbio, let us know – it’ll make our day!

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