Why Businesses Choose Technology For Cost-Efficient Hiring

In 1997, McKinsey & Company coined the term “war for talent” to echo the competitive landscape for talent. The survey conducted by the company among 77 US organisations showed a considerable shortage of the highly competent workforce. Decades later, finding the right talent remains one of the biggest challenges companies are facing. How to minimise recruitment costs without compromising the quality of the hires?

Adding to this problem, the talent has also evolved. Generation Y or “digital natives” are less receptive to the older methods of recruitment, they also introduced a whole new attitude to work. It became clear that businesses have to do more than just observe the changes. In the war for talent, companies turned to technology as the solution to improve hiring methods and organise their HR. In conversation with Jobbio, Lauren Greaves, Global HR Manager at Mergermarket Group, noted technology has affected HR managers’ work significantly. The Mergermarket Group is an example of a business successfully implementing new technology-based recruitment solutions. Khrystyna Kobryn, HR Assistant at Mergermarket Group, shared with us her experience of using Jobbio.

Why did you join MergerMarket Group and what’s your favourite part about your role now?

Khrystyna KobrynI joined Mergermarket Group after completing my Masters in Human Resources Management at King’s College London. I was aiming to join an organisation where HR is respected. From our training and career development policies I could see that the MMG cares about its employees.

In my present role, I am responsible for the general HR administration, facilitating the on-boarding process for new staff and managing graduate recruitment. I also assist in advising employees on the interpretation of HR policies and procedures within Mergermarket Group. My favourite part of my job is building working relationships with people at all levels, departments, and products.

Tell us about your Jobbio experience. What made you turn to Jobbio?

We have used similar recruitment software in the past, so we were quite familiar with the concept of the online hiring platform. What makes Jobbio stand out is that the platform directly connects you with the talented people who want to work for you. As a company all you have to do is to create your ‘Bio’ – add your branding imagery, corporate video, social media accounts etc. A great feature is that you have an unlimited number of job postings and can manage the applications efficiently using Jobbio’s live ATS platform.

You hired talent through Jobbio, how helpful was the platform in finding the best-fit person for your team?

I think Jobbio gives the candidates a chance to tell their story better – on Jobbio their applications look more personalised. Live Bio – a mix of text, links, pictures, and even videos –  tells you a lot more about the candidate than a plain CV.

We were looking to fill a Research Analyst position – an entry level role that requires a specific set of skills. After advertising a role for only 1 week we got some amazing applications! We hired our first talent in less than 2 months after joining the platform.         

Mergermarket Group

“If you want to save your time and money, you should give Jobbio a go!”

What was the most useful feature while using Jobbio?

Live applicant tracking. It’s amazing to have a pool of live talent that we have screened, approved and refined ourselves. It saves us so much time! When a vacancy comes up, we don’t have to waste time looking through old CVs and can move really quickly. 

I would also mention Jobbio’s Account Management team which is very effective and super responsive! They managed to reduce the administrative workload for our HR staff, who can now concentrate on identifying talent faster, and focus on the most suitable candidates. If you want to save your time and money, you should give Jobbio a go!

Mergermarket offers a Graduate Internship scheme. Tell us about it. What are its biggest benefits?

We offer a hands-on experience in a global newsroom. Our edge comes from being the first to break the news to the market and provide meaningful insight to events in the capital markets. This means their contribution can make a real difference to the world of corporate finance.

While interning with Mergermarket group, graduates undergo a comprehensive training programme. Moreover, our broad spectrum of products means there are opportunities to experience a range of coverage areas. We assign a buddy to each of our new joiners, giving them 1:1, expert advice and support from one of our seasoned reporters or analysts.

Mergermarket Group2

“I think Jobbio gives the candidates a chance to tell their story better – on Jobbio their applications look more personalised.”

You are currently hiring for a number of roles. What should be the ultimate ambition for anyone willing to join the team?

Their ultimate ambition should be to push past boundaries and explore their full potential. As a global organisation, we seek people who are passionate about what they do, who can develop and implement creative solutions in the face of challenging goals and who really want to make a difference. If this sounds like you, we would really like to hear from you!


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