Global HR Manager at Mergermarket Group on the Role of Technology

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The Mergermarket Group, private equity-owned media company, which specialises in corporate financial news and analysis, has been in the market for over fifteen years. The company provides unique data for the leading advisory firms, investment banks, law firms, and hedge funds, and has grown to 1,000 staff in 65 locations around the world. What has helped the company to maintain the lead in the market? Lauren Greaves, Global HR Manager at Mergermarket Group, says what is MMG good at is being “adept at identifying the right opportunities in the market.”

The effective management of human resources is vital for company’s growth. Anything that involves human management can be rather challenging, thus, it usually requires going the extra mile to keep the employees satisfied. We sat down with Lauren Greaves to find out how does she navigate human resources management at a company of such scale.

What it’s like to be a Global HR Manager at Mergermarket Group?

I tell my HR colleagues I have the easiest job in the world. Three of the fundamental qualities of an MMG person is to have integrity, be accountable and focus on building strong relationships. When this is embodied in a senior management team, it leads to open communication and great opportunities for people who take ownership of their development. Ultimately, I think people want to work for a company with people they trust, doing1 something they’re passionate about and can grow and they can also have some fun.  I think MMG ticks all of those boxes.

What’s been the biggest change in HR industry in recent years?

The influence of technology. Having systems that support HR practices is no longer enough. Data and user experience have become core to successful business growth. We use data to inform and drive business decisions, to tell a story and to predict the future. Our work practices are reliant on technology and many services and products require digital capability, thus, the usability and accessibility of technology and information have become a common language for businesses. HR teams have needed to re-evaluate their capability in a way that enables them to communicate and respond in the same capacity.

What are the two biggest mistakes talent make during an interview?

Not preparing for an interview. Candidates should research the company, read the job spec and prepare some good examples to demonstrate their capabilities that match the job spec. 

Secondly, not answering the question asked. Some people are so fixed in what they want to say that they don’t answer the questions asked, try to squeeze a pre-prepared response where it doesn’t fit. Or they give a vague answer because they don’t really have an answer.

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What are you looking for in the candidate?

People who are proactive, who find solutions and opportunities.  Flexibility is key to any role.  Change is a fact of life today and an ability to be agile and adapt is an asset. The last thing is self-awareness.  People with a firm grip on what they’re good and bad at, what their impact is on other people and enough insight to change the things that need improving because none of us are perfect.

What does career progression look like in Mergermarket Group?

Mergermarket GroupWe have many different products and functions under the MMG umbrella, so there are lots of opportunities depending on what people are interested in. We are very fortunate to have some incredibly clever and talented people working for us, so we have excellent on the job training. We also offer opportunities to sample other jobs in the company so people can get an idea of what their next career step might be.  We have also made a number of acquisitions and started new products, all of which present opportunities for people to step into a totally new challenge. Basically, your career is what you make it.

Talent usually hesitate to ask questions after the interview. Do you think they should and why?

They should absolutely ask questions. If nothing else they can ask what the person interviewing likes about the company. Really what I’m looking for is someone who is thinking ahead and wants to know what the role is going to mean for them. Most interviewers will talk about the responsibilities of a role but not the priorities. And it’s the business priorities that are really going to shape what the job will be like for them and what skills and experience are going to be immediately relevant to the interviewer.


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