The Hiring Market Has a Gap Shaped Just Like Jobbio

Every person and every company is unique. If you take all of that uniqueness and try to connect it using word doc CVs, emails, recruiters, social networks and outdated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), it becomes very… well, un-unique.

Just over two years ago we set out to use technology, data, and marketing to fix two things:

  • How people find and apply for jobs.
  • How companies attract the right Talent, receive applications, and manage their hiring.

Today, and largely thanks to our customers, we have offices in Dublin, London, and New York but we operate globally. Our marketplace is evolving rapidly against a backdrop of immense demand from Talent and Companies alike.

Today we’re announcing that we have closed a €5,000,000 funding round to help us continue to reshape and reimagine the world of hiring. We have been backed by some of the most experienced investors in Europe and it’s a challenge we relish.


We know that we have built something that is genuinely useful. Companies who adopt Jobbio fully are attracting top Talent to their opportunities and building live Talent pools of people who want to work with them. In more and more cases Companies have larger Talent pools on Jobbio than they have followers on Facebook and Twitter!

We’re doing a lot of educating. Before Jobbio, Companies thought it was okay to slap a job up on some plain text, old world job board and have talented applicants email a CV or fill out a form, only for those applications to be lost in the black hole of email inboxes and application systems. At Jobbio we don’t think that’s okay. These applicants are people, not just CVs. Why are all CVs sent in the world today instantly out of date? Jobbio has turned redundant CVs that are kept “on file” into live Talent Communities. We’re bringing the “file” to life.

Companies know they need something different. When we show them Jobbio, there’s resounding relief. Relief that there’s an alternative option to ridiculous fees, dated job listing sites, public professional social networks and recruiters. Companies can adopt the platform quickly, post roles easily, push jobs socially and link applications back to Jobbio. Many have even replaced the ‘careers’ section on their websites, saving time, money and building a live Talent pool for future roles.


We’re educating Talent too. People discover Jobbio to be a marketplace where they can learn about great Companies, get insight into the culture, mission, and team, and privately go about their application in a fluid way. Today, each and every single Bio has the potential to reach out and connect to 3,000 companies at the push of a button.

We listen intently to both sides of our marketplace and we are improving our platform every day. We’re building something that people trust enough to put their career in our hands. It’s a big responsibility, but we want it.

Jobbio is about how people are shaped over time, it is about giving them a way to showcase that shape, their skills, and experience. It’s about helping them to find a ‘them shaped job’ in a company that needs a ‘them shaped Talent’.

We did a lot with our seed investment. We now have over 3,000 companies all over the world, we are adding 100,000 new talented people per month,  Talent are making 500,000 job applications per month and  our talent base has in excess of 1,000,000 different skills and counting… fast… but now it’s time to do more.

Lots of good things come with fresh investment: confidence in the business; credibility, the realisation that we, the team, are not the only ones that believe we can become a globally recognisable company. It also brings pressure, expectation – all things we thrive on.

hiring market

Some of the Jobbio team at EXPAND London powered by Jobbio. A careers event we held in September brought together 50 companies, 1000+ Talent and world class speakers. Read all about it here.

Despite the fact that there are lots and lots of companies focused on recruitment, we’re looking to redefine it. We are creating a new category, it is called ‘application’. Our entire mission is to make job application more fluid, so when the right opportunities come along, the right people know about them.

So we’re not a job board, we’re not a recruiter, we’re not a professional social network – nor do we aspire to be.

Jobbio is a marketplace for job opportunities connected to the world’s first live applicant tracking platform. We fix job discovery and application.

We allow companies to spend less time trawling through CVs and more time building great teams. We provide a cost-effective way to get the job in front of the right Talent;  and not just active Talent, but passive Talent too. Our live Talent pools give us access to previously unreachable passive Talent, we don’t believe they are passive, they’re just not being delivered opportunities in a relevant way. Jobbio changes that.

It is easy to fill a role. It is much harder to find the perfect fit for the role. Jobbio gives Talent the opportunity to show they are more than a piece of paper, a CV is too linear for the evolving career of a modern professional.

The shift is happening. Our company is evolving, it is changing shape and I believe the hiring market has a gap shaped just like Jobbio. As the famous Irish poet and warrior Conor McGregor once said:

“We are not here to take part, we are here to take over!”


Co-founders Stephen and John Quinn.

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