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For its fourth year, Startup Open House is giving members of Canada’s startup community an opportunity to show everyone  what’s behind their doors. A picture is worth a thousand words, but the real life experience is much cooler. That’s why, over the years, thousands of startups have signed up to #SOH and have welcomed curious adventurers behind the scenes to take a look at where the magic happens.

Attracting top Talent starts with opening your doors – quite literally, but how do you capture the details of everyone you find interesting? Is there a way to pipeline your contacts and manage them all in one place? How do you showcase everything your brilliant startup has to offer without compromising any aspect of your culture, values or mission? We turned all of these questions into answers to make your hiring life easy, efficient, and exciting. So why use Jobbio on the night and in general for your hiring needs? Here’s four reasons Jobbio is your perfect choice for #SOH16 and beyond.

Capture potential hires

We participated in Startup Open House 2015 so we know what it’s like to start tidying up your office before you welcome your guests. Preparing the perks you can offer visitors, organising your employees for the day, building marketing around the event are some of the exciting things you can dive into while preparing for the night. On the other hand, printing out paper to capture every visitor’s email, finding enough transferable devices and building fill-in forms are not exciting tasks and shouldn’t be your priority. Why? You can simply ask us to build a Bio for you on Jobbio.


Your Bio is responsive and can be updated at any point.

Your online profile will capture everything you need to communicate to your potential hires. By simply directing candidates to your Bio you will be able to connect with and save your contacts. In fact, you can use it as your careers page and if Talent knows where to find you, they can even connect with you prior to the event. Think ahead. Your Bio is not a one-off page, but a fully responsive online platform that you can update to your taste and at any given moment.

Let us know that you want to get started now and we’ll build a Bio for you.
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Be mobile

How many of your daily tasks are dependent on your phone? There’s only a few things and services we can’t access from our smartphones today. Having a mobile friendly hiring process is essential for you. Talent today is much more flexible when it comes to the channels it is utilising to find opportunities. If you are not mobile friendly you are missing out on 77% of job seekers who use mobile to land their dream job. Jobbio is mobile. Your Bio is fully accessible on mobile and lets the candidate connect and apply with just a click. Everyone who visits you on Thursday, September 22nd will be able to discover your roles on their phones. Pretty handy, don’t you think?

Build your Employer Brand

You are a startup and getting your name out there in the world is essential for you. Start building your employer brand now. Today’s Talent wants to have a fulfilling work experience so communicate your startup culture and show what makes you special to attract like-minded people. You don’t want to quench your potential hires’ curiosity so direct them to the page, which will fully capture your quirkiness or uniqueness, however you define it. Your Bio is multimedia so you are not bound to the black and white world.

Pipeline Talent for future

The greatest thing about Startup Open House is that it will bring to you people with genuinely different backgrounds and skills. It might seem like you don’t need that UX designer, photographer or accountant right now and that’s fine, but to make sure you have their details once your circumstances, strategies or 0’s on your bank account change, you need to pipeline and build a talent pool today. You can do that with Jobbio. Track their careers live, watch as their Bios update with professional experience and qualifications, and reach out to them when you need to. Simple. 

Here’s what Kara Sheppard-Jones, the Lead Organiser at Startup Open House has to advise #SOH16 participants:

#SOH16We encourage our startups to check out Jobbio and to get on the platform because we’re advertising all the jobs they post to our participants. Plus, on the night of the event, it gives them a simple call to action to communicate to participants i.e. follow, connect or apply to positions through Jobbio.”

What sets Jobbio apart?

We are the world’s first live ATS;

We add 100,000 new Talent a month;

We market your roles for you;

We are fully private enabling passive Talent to connect with you.

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