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By October 11, 2016For Companies, Jobbio Choice

Last week Jobbio celebrated another milestone in its history. Stephen Quinn, co-founder and CEO, has talked about the future of hiring on BBC Business Live!

We are going through our busiest times with $5,6 million investment raised, expansion launched in Canada, 3000BBC Business Live companies using our service, and sold out careers event EXPAND London. And you know what? That’s the way we like it!

“It’s not only about your would-be employer liking you but about you liking them.” Our CEO talked about the importance of employer branding and how are we beating the noise of the recruitment websites.

How did we manage to connect job seekers with the companies on a mutually beneficial basis and where do we see ourselves in the post-Brexit economy?

As a global career marketplace we are continuing to onboard more companies with a special focus on tech and hospitality sectors.

So, how exactly can we help you make your hiring painless and effective?


If you are ready to jump into the new way of attracting and retaining the best employees to your roles, do not hesitate to drop us a line. Let’s create more successful careers and build outstanding businesses together!

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