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Job searching can be a full-time process that requires a significant amount of time, effort, and dedication. Sometimes it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of jobs to choose from or by the number of rejections that you might face. The light at the end of the tunnel, however, is finding that one job you’re truly passionate about. At Jobbio, we’re dedicated to making sure you don’t miss out on your next amazing career opportunity. Read on to find out how using Jobbio can help you find your dream job in a more efficient and enjoyable way.


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You’re More than Just a 1-page CV

One-page CVs can be so limiting. Where is the scope for showcasing your creativity, your extra-curricular hobbies, or your passions and interests? Especially if you’re looking to switch careers, there is little room on a CV to demonstrate the transferable skills or additional projects that prove you’re capable for the job even if your experience might not be directly related.

When using Jobbio, you can instead create your own private Bio. Your Bio is a live profile that allows you to better convey what makes you unique as a candidate. Along with details about your education and work experience, you can also include projects, portfolios, photography, links to social media, and whatever else you feel relevantly shows your experience and passions. Your Bio is private and will only be seen by Companies you choose.

Click here to create your Bio (it’s free!) Getting started on Jobbio can be quick and easy, but why not spend more time perfecting your Bio and see better results in the long-run?using jobbio

The Death of the Cover Letter

Let’s face it, this happens even to the best of us. 10 job applications on, you’ve begun to simply copy and paste your cover letter and make a few tweaks (sometimes, all you do is change the company name). Ultimately, it becomes a largely inefficient use of time. Instead of having to write a cover letter for every application, why not dedicate time to creating one important piece of writing that captures the essence of who you are?

On Jobbio, we encourage you to write a creative and compelling ‘About Me’ that captures the most important aspects of your professional journey and story, and differentiates you from other candidates. Because everyone has their own unique experiences, no ‘About Me’ is going to be the same. However, you might want to highlight your professional background, your passions, career goals, any significant awards or accolades, and your personality or work ethic.

Once you have perfected your ‘About Me’, you have encapsulated all the most crucial parts of your cover letter. With a completed Bio, you can now make multiple applications with just one click on Jobbio.

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Find an Employer with a Cultural Fit

Unlike in previous generations, a “career” nowadays means much more than a 9-5 job. More and more, employees are focusing on company values, professional growth, and learning opportunities… all of which contribute to the overarching “company culture”. Businesses pay attention to their culture because it’s crucial in Talent retention. But why should it matter to you as well?

Finding a company with a good cultural fit can help you become more engaged with your job, ensure that you’re in a company that supports your career growth, and can help make your workplace a more positive environment to be in.

using jobbio

On typical job boards, the majority of the time you don’t even know what company you’re applying for. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to assess if that company would be a good cultural fit. What if you apply for a company that turns out to be completely unsuitable for you?

We solve this problem on Jobbio by giving you a comprehensive overview of a company through their Bio. When using Jobbio, you’ll see photos of a company’s team and office, as well as details about their unique perks or any exciting company news. You’ll get a true feeling of what it’s like to work at that company, to help you decide whether or not to apply. We also conduct ‘Jobbio Meets…‘ interviews to give you an insider perspective on life at the company, as well as introduce you to potential colleagues.

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Find your Future Using Jobbio

Good luck! We hope you find your next great career opportunity on Jobbio.

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