The Coolest Perk for Pet-Loving Employees

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Entering the workforce is a difficult process. It can be hard to find your feet especially when you have four. To keep you motivated on the arduous job search we’ve compiled a list of some of our most inspirational talent. Our four legged friends found their dream career using Jobbio and so can you! It’s time to be the person your dog thinks you are. You’d be barking mad not to!

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 Owner: Mark

Name: Beanser

Occupation: Athlete

Fun Fact: I’m a sheep dog but I’ve never even seen a sheep.




Omar (Ciara)


Owner: Ciara

Name: Omar

Occupation: Food Critic

Fun Fact: At Christmas 2010 I ate a whole turkey in one go!




 Owner: Anna Name: Luna Occupation: Fashion Trend Spotter Fun Fact: Spots are never out of fashion. FACT.


Owner: Anna

Name: Luna

Occupation: Fashion Trend Spotter

Fun Fact: Spots are never out of fashion. FACT.




Coco (Stephen)           

Owner: Stephen

Name: Coco

Occupation: Chief Sun Officer

Fun Fact: I enjoy walking in the park, watching man united, wrestling with Foxie and going for Sneaky pints. ????


Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 17.40.08 (1)


Owner: Rob

Name: Phoebe

Occupation: Model

Fun Fact: I was scouted by crufts, no biggie.



Daisy (Ellen)

Owner: Ellen

Name: Daisy

Occupation: Hairdresser

Fun Fact: My real name is Cissy Belle Ivory



Paws (Leah)



Owner: Leah

Name: Paws

Occupation: Social Media Influencer

Fun Fact: The Queen’s Corgi was once mistaken for me. You can check out my blog for more info.







Owner: Hannah

Name: Lily

Occupation: Social Activist for Women’s Rights

Fun Fact: I was once featured in when it snowed



Max (Aoibhean)


Owner: Aoibheann  

Name: Max

Occupation:  Landscaper

Fun Fact: When my owner lived in New York, we facetimed on the reg.

Charlie (Aoife)



Name: Charlie

Occupation:  Controversial Talk show host

Fun Fact: I have a passion for travelling and aspire to be the Jeremy Kyle of the canine world





Peanut (sam)4




Owner: Sam

Name: Peanut

Occupation: Student

Fun Fact: I got a 1st in my obedience finals. One paw ahead of the rest.





Rocky (Halina)

Owner: Halina

Name: Rocky

Occupation: Motivational Speaker

Fun Fact: I’m looking to expand my business into life coaching








Owner: Keti

Name: Boni

Occupation: Professional Dog impersonator

Fun Fact: I’m a Cat



Finding a job doesn’t have to drive you barking mad. Follow in the three-toed-footsteps of our furry friends and let Jobbio do the hard work!


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