Why Dog Friendly Offices Are The Best

Forget ping pong tables and free beer, a dog friendly office is the new perk of choice for employees. With more and more companies choosing to embrace pups at work, here’s why pets make the pawfect (sorry, not sorry) addition to your team.

Dogs boost morale

A canine filled office is one where morale and productivity soar. How? Dogs help create a culture of acceptance and consideration in the workplace which leads to a real sense of goodwill among employees. As well as that, staff tend to work harder and be more loyal to a company that accommodates their needs. You’d be barking mad not to want dogs around!

This meeting is a mastiff waste of time if you ask me

Dogs make people social

Just because people work together doesn’t necessarily mean they have any mutual interests outside a shared workspace. Dogs can give employees common ground to build a more collaborative and communicative relationship. There’s no better ice breaker than having the chats about your furry friends. It leads to better interaction and conversation around the office – more bonding, less gossiping!

Dogs reduce stress

People like to have their pets close by. Firstly, it means that employees can be more flexible around working hours as they’re not rushing home to feed their significant pupper. Secondly, they can avoid the financial burden of paying for petsitters and thirdly, our four legged friends provide great comfort in times of distress. According to reports by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, dogs can lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and even feelings of loneliness or isolation.

Having a ruff day in the office?

Dogs can improve your employer brand

Having dogs in the office earns you instant kudos (and jealousy) from the outside world, which can have a positive impact on your employer brand. So. Many. Snapchats.

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