Boost Your Productivity Today With These 7 Simple Changes

By March 22, 2017For Talent

Ever hit home time and wished you had another eight hours in the day? There are few things more frustrating than feeling you have achieved nothing at work and while you can’t turn back time, there are certain things you can do to ensure you’re being your most productive self! Here’s our top tips on boosting productivity.

Start your day the right way.

Resist the allure of the snooze function and make the most of your time by rising early. Beat off the cosy confines of your bedding and embrace the day ahead! Or just limit yourself to one snooze and get out the door as soon as possible. Getting up earlier allows you a better transition to your working day. Give yourself time for a nutritious breakfast or some exercise. If the gym isn’t your thing try a short walk or yoga to get your energy levels up.

Write task list.

Lists can be a great way to clearly set out your goals and add some structure to your workload. Writing down your tasks not only narrows your focus to each one but you also get the satisfaction of watching your list shrink as you complete tasks!

Stop delaying more challenging tasks.

Now that the list is written, the temptation can be to pick off the simplest items in order to fly through the list, leaving a flurry of ticks behind. (See above.) Don’t leave the more difficult tasks to the end or you’ll end up being overwhelmed by them.

Take breaks.

While it might seem like taking a single break or none at all will lead to increased productivity, taking short breaks is actually a good way to reenergise and refocus. A good system is to work in 80 or 90 minute spurts, resting for 10 minutes each time.


Drinking plenty of water can increase concentration and combat tiredness! It’s also supposed to suppress your appetite and improve your skin tone, so it’s basically the elixir of life.

Limit your device.

Nobody’s infallible when it comes to distraction and one of the biggest killers to productivity is social media. Switch the phone to airplane mode to avoid falling down the black hole of Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Learn to say no.

Although taking on an ambitious workload may initially set you in good stead with colleagues, you need to learn to say no to unrealistic tasks or deadlines. While we all want to appear helpful, particularly when seeking promotion, it devalues your time if co-workers can add freely to your list. It also leads to issues if and when you can’t deliver on time.

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