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By April 12, 2017For Talent

Jobbio’s Expert in Residence, Dee Murphy, offers her advice on how to lead those conversations around salary negotiations and promotion. 

Always negotiate:

There’s a misconception that being a yes man is an appealing attribute in a candidate but in reality hiring managers want you to be assertive in raising the issues that matter to you.  They expect you to negotiate a better deal and they admire it, so don’t be afraid.

The only thing holding you back when negotiating salary is feeling uncomfortable. Just go for it!”

Know your worth:

Do your research! Find out the going rate for people in similar roles in similar companies but bear in mind the variables. Salary can vary largely depending on location and experience.

Watch your language:

Steer clear of ultimatums or demanding phrases. Instead of “I need”, “I want”, “I must have” use “How about we try this”, “what about if we try this”.  Similarly, avoid using “bargaining” or “negotiation” and instead “ask for clarity surrounding”.

Build rapport:

Never negotiate over email or phone, always ask for a meeting. Face-to-face exchanges are the only way to read the non-verbal cues and use your charm! Making the process more human will make it harder for someone to turn you down.

Don’t get stuck on salary:

While money can often be the focus in negotiations, it’s not the be all and end all. Consider what other opportunities could enrich your working life. Will you get the option to travel, return to education, take a career break? Is increased responsibility most important to you when seeking promotion?

It’s not all about the money, money, money, don’t forget to negotiate perks & benefits!

The power of silence:

Don’t be afraid to talk but know when to stop! Avoid logorrhoea to maintain your negotiation power.

Handle rejection like a pro: 

Take something from every rejection. There won’t always be a job offer but there will always be opportunities. If you’ve been unsuccessful in the interview process, thank the interviewer for their consideration. Use the no to build a connection that you can revisit later.

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