Jobbio and GirlCrew: The Dreamiest of Teams

By April 19, 2017For Talent

We’ve joined forces with the mighty GirlCrew to bring you the GirlCrew Careers Channel and get more women doing what they love! As collaborations go, this is probably the most impressive one since Eve and Gwen Stefani so be excited. Very excited.

Áine Mulloy is one of the founding members of GirlCrew, an online community now totalling 85,000 members across 46 cities. She says working with Jobbio opens up a world of new opportunities for GC members. “For us, helping women advance their careers is key. We do that already through our groups and events but this partnership really takes things to the next level.”

How does it work? Let us blow ya mind.

The GirlCrew Careers Channel is designed specifically to make job search easier for members. Instead of trawling through jobs boards and sites, members will have one hub for all things careers related. Say goodbye to pointless scrolling, this channel will deliver only the most current, relevant jobs to the community. And how do we know which jobs are relevant? Well, we asked.

In a recent poll, GirlCrewers told us what industries they were interested in, as well as offering important insights on how and why they look for new opportunities.

A massive 91.6% of respondents check out jobs boards even when they’re employed and 66% of respondents are actively seeking new opportunities.

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Why does it work?

There are two core values that shape this partnership: One is the belief that life’s too short to stay in an unfulfilling job and the other is that a diverse workforce is crucial for a creative and competitive team.

The feedback we received from GirlCrew members suggested that a large number of them are dissatisfied in their current jobs. 77.2% of those surveyed said that they currently work in a company with no clear promotions structure. 49.8% said they receive no additional benefits like pension or health insurance even though 88.2% said such benefits are important to them.

Áine believes partnering with Jobbio will help solve this problem. “Our members are ambitious women. They are striving for more, and this partnership can get them one step closer to achieving their career goals.”


Jobbio’s content team will also be creating a wide range of careers content tailored to GirlCrew members. From eBooks on diversity to videos on the gender pay gap, we’ll be sharing a host of entertaining and educational content for GirlCrewers.

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