The 5 phrases that will get you promoted

By May 3, 2017For Talent

There’s a lot of ways to put yourself in good stead for promotion – seek out extra responsibility, put in more hours, bring baked goods on the reg. If you’re looking for ways to impress your boss, start by examining the language you use. It can be more effective than you think. These are the phrases every boss wants to hear.

I’ll take care of it

These words are music to your manager’s ears. They show you can step up and take charge of a situation with minimal guidance or hand holding.

That’s my responsibility/fault

Holding yourself accountable for a mistake or a failure can be a scary concept but there’s no better way to show your strength of character. The ability to take ownership when things don’t go to plan is an extremely desirable trait to have, particularly if you’ve your sights set on a managerial role.

Here’s one possible solution

Identifying issues is the easy part, finding ways to solve them is the real challenge. If you can approach your manager with a problem and a potential solution, you’re on to a winner.

I disagree

Contrary to popular belief, being a yes man is not an attractive quality. Your superiors will respect you more for voicing your opinion than being a nodding dog. Speaking out or offering a different point of view is important to offer a proper analysis of a situation and avoid groupthink. Once you make your argument in an articulate and respectful manner, you’ve nothing to fear.

What can I do to help?

This simple question can make a big difference to a manager looking to delegate. It’s an indication of your investment in the company, your reliability and your willingness to pitch in. Next stop, promotion!

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