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By May 15, 2017Grad Series
It’s that dreaded time of year again! Exam season is upon us and the whiff of prickly panic hangs thick in the air. But, before you fall down the “why didn’t I study 4 months ago” hole of regret, take a few minutes to read our advice on studying smart and making the most of your time.

While spontaneity is fantastic for holidays and nights out, study requires planning and management. Setting yourself solid goals will make them easier to achieve. Set time limits for topics and stick to them.

Move around

Staying static for too long can leave you sluggish. Take a few minutes to walk around, get some fresh air or even relocate to another desk to refocus your mind. A change of scenery can work wonders for your concentration.

Write it out

One of the more basic study hacks but helpful nonetheless, physically writing out key notes and points will help you process and remember them better.


Take breaks

Lengthy study sessions and all nighters might seem like you’re maximising your time but in reality, taking regular breaks is a more productive approach. Being rested keeps you alert and more likely to retain information.

Tech it out

While there’s a value in writing things down, don’t limit your study system to books and notes.  Online learning tools and forums are a great way to make study more interesting. TED is one app where users can access educational TED talks on a range of topics. GoConqr is another app which helps students and teachers plan study through mind maps and quizzes.

Test yourself

You may have read an entire eBook but how much did you actually absorb? Review what you’ve covered and test yourself to ensure you’re really following the subject matter.

Enlist a furry friend

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, spending time with a pet can help you to relax. Dogs in particular can sense when you’re distressed and are known for having a calming and comforting effect on their human pals. Plus, they’re adorable!

Eat well (and often)

Studying is a massive drain on your energy levels, so be sure that you’re adequately fuelled. Fish oils, nuts and pulse vegetables are great brain fodder. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself with the occasional sugar filled treat too! This advice is applicable for all areas of life.

Avoid distractions

Switch the phone to airplane mode to resist joining the latest debate in the group chat or on Facebook. Listening to natural sounds or instrumental music while studying can also be a good way to focus your attention.

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