More Than 1/3 of Women Expect to be Demoted After a Career Break

By November 20, 2017For Companies, For Talent

Returning to work after a career break is never easy but that doesn’t mean you should sell yourself short.

A new survey by Women Returners has found that 36% (over a third) of women expect to return to work in a more junior role after a career break.

Why are women willing to accept these demotions you might ask? Well, according to the coaching organisation, women returning to work are likely to sell themselves short at interviews and are often afraid to negotiate.

The research also found that money is not the main reason for returning to work. Over 60% cited their top reasons as fulfillment, satisfaction or identity.

The survey of almost 200 women currently on a career break, also showed that flexibility is the most important benefit with 87% saying that it was a deciding factor when choosing a new role.

Flexible working can include things like remote working, extended holiday time and flexible working hours.

It is interesting to note that very few women were looking for part-time work (17%).

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