5 Top Tips for Negotiating Your Salary

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Somehow, even in 2017, many people still don’t feel comfortable negotiating their salary. They blush when people ask them about expectations and worse still they sheepishly accept the first offer that falls into their laps. All because they don’t want to go through a slightly awkward conversation.

*Newsflash* Negotiating your salary isn’t rude. It’s necessary and it’s expected.

So, how do you put on your big boy pants and start the conversation? Just follow our five tips below.


1. Do your research

If you can, try to find out the going rate for similar roles in similar companies. Reach out to your network, ask your friends and use job comparison websites like Glassdoor to get a better idea of the average salary in the role that you are going for. But remember that the figure can vary greatly depending on your experience and the location.

2. Do it in person

Never, ever try to negotiate over the phone or in an email. It might seem easier than having to talk to a potential employers face-to-face but you are more likely to get the offer you want if you meet them in person. Dress appropriately, stand up straight and walk into the room with confidence. All these things will help put you at ease and provide you with the courage to ask for what you really want.

Dee Murphy, Jobbio’s Expert in Residence explains this further.

”Face-to-face exchanges are the only way to read the non-verbal cues and use your charm! Making the process more human will make it harder for someone to turn you down.”

3. Put your number out there first

Contrary to popular opinion, you should be the first person to state your expected salary. The first number put on the table is the most important in any negotiation. All other offers will be based on this original number. If it is too low you might end up with a wage that you are not happy with.

In a similar vein, you should always ask for more than you actually want. Your hiring manager will then feel like they are getting a better deal if they manage to negotiate you down. Never worry about asking for too much. What’s the worst that could happen?

4. Be silent

After you’ve made your offer, be quiet. You do not need to explain yourself. Dee recommends that candidates,

”Avoid logorrhoea to maintain your negotiation power.”

If the hiring manager makes you a counter offer you do not have to answer straight away. Sometimes stalling could be in your favour. Once an offer has been made never say ”OK” or ”Yes”. Instead, say ”Thank you” or ”I appreciate the offer.”

5. Look at the bigger picture

Money isn’t everything when you’re looking for a new job.  Consider what other perks and benefits are on the table. Will you get the chance to travel? Will you have a fabulous mentor? Will you have increased responsibility? All these things are important to consider.

A great salary might get you in the door but your work-life balance and sense of achievement are the things that will keep you in a company.


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