How To Compete With The Sexy Brands: The Masterclass

WeWork at Waterhouse Square was alight with the glow of excited humans for Jobbio’s latest masterclass “How to Compete With the Sexy Brands”. Director of Talent at Riot Games, David Barker, and our own Expert in Residence, Dee Murphy, were on hand to dole out their employer branding wisdom to our wonderful audience.

Dee opened the discussion by highlighting the absolute necessity of a strong employer brand. She used figures gleaned from Jobbio’s research showing that 82% of people will not work at a company with a bad reputation. And make no mistake, everyone WILL look into your reputation! (Thanks Google.) As well as that, 51% of candidates are actually more likely to take a lower wage at a company with a strong employer brand.

David spoke about the impact passionate people can have on your company both in terms of your employer brand and overall success. Drawing on his extensive experience, he said it’s important for employees to have a real obsession with making your product better for the user. “If you have a service driven mentality, that transcends everything,” he added.

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Engaging audiences and building rapport online were top of the list of topics when it came to audience participation. Dee suggested investing the time in building your networks slowly and focus on the short term wins. One interesting question was ‘how can you shine on social when corporate chiefs restrict content?’ David said that having an agreed framework and overall tone is key to being consistent and engaging online. Audience members too, were quick to add their insights and observations on the topic, with one learned attendee suggesting that companies could develop separate social channels for their employer and consumer brand.

This is what some of our attendees had to say:

Thanks to all our lovely attendees and to WeWork for lending us their amazing space. 

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