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By now you should be well versed in how to establish your employer brand, so here’s our tips on how to create compelling employer branding content.

Blog posts

A blog is a great platform to showcase your employees and add another dimension to your employer brand. It’s also an excellent opportunity to discuss and engage with the issues that are important to you as a company and create a loyal following. Interview pieces can be the perfect way to get across individual personalities within your team and give a real flavour of what it’s like to work in a specific role or department.

18-24 year olds said that interview articles with employees would be the most influential employer branding content.

The best articles are educational, helpful and insightful. Having current employees that are willing to talk you up is a great way to showcase your employer brand, but encourage them to be candid and frank when it comes to the areas of the job or the company that they find challenging. This authenticity in your content will work in your favour, as candidates appreciate hearing about what works and what doesn’t. It also means whoever proceeds with the applying to your company is likely to face these challenges in a positive way. They’ll be excited to face these challenges head on.

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Our research shows that 66% of people said that behind the scenes footage of a company would impact their perception of an employer.

Video is the most influential employer branding content among 25-34 year olds and 35-44 year olds.

To create strong video content:

Know your goal

Be clear about the message you want to put across in your video. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, simplicity is key!

Be informed not staged

When producing your employer branding video you want employees to think about what they should share without being overly rehearsed. Keep it as natural and realistic as possible.

Keep it succinct  

Stay on point. One strong quote is more valuable than minutes of rambling footage.

Tell stories

The most engaging content is personable and authentic. It’s not too numbers or stats focused, it tells the story of your company and your team. Airbnb are masters of employer branding and championing their employees to tell their story.  Here’s their employer brand in action:



Having great content is only half the battle, getting it in front of the relevant audiences is the real challenge. Market your employer branding offering through your website and social channels and get your employees to do the same. Caroline McAniff, Head of Recruitment at EY Ireland said that they’ve invested a lot of time and resources in building their employer brand.

“We really focused on pushing out our blogs and videos, building our presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and consistently drawing people back to our careers site to find out more about our business. The careers website is free of corporate jargon and the blogs are unedited. This helps to ensure that potential candidates get a real insight into life at EY and whether it’s the type of organisation they could imagine working in. We measured the success of this work through the massive interaction we have received on our website, engagement on our social channels and in the increase of great applications we have received for all of our open positions.”


As traditional hiring processes become defunct, innovative companies are looking for better ways to get their employer brand and jobs in the front of the right audiences. Candidates want to engage with content on their terms, on platforms they trust. Building a presence on certain publications can be an invaluable way to make lasting connections with the most relevant people.

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