8 Great Ways To Annoy Your Colleagues

By August 11, 2017For Talent

Feeling unsatisfied at work? Got a lot of time on your hands? If you find yourself at a loose end around the office, why not pass the time by irritating the life out of your colleagues? Here’s how:

Give them weird nicknames

This one can be hilarious for the neutral bystander but if you’re on the receiving end of an unwelcome nickname, it can be grating. Regardless of how witty or cute you believe the moniker to be, it’s probably best to stick to your coworkers‘ actual names. That means no throwing in a random Z at the end or shortening for your convenience.


Monitor their screens

There’s a special place in hell for those people who walk around the office with one eye on people’s screens. Mind your own you creeps!

Work when you’re sick

Open offices can be a petri dish for breeding bacteria so working when you’re sick is likely to infect half the staff. Don’t do it.


Be overly invested in their day

“Third bathroom break today eh?” is not an appropriate observation to make in the workplace, I don’t care how close you sit to the toilets.

Ignore their emails. Repeatedly.

If you really want to irk your coworkers, repeatedly ignore their emails or messages and then chat to them like nothing’s amiss when you meet in the corridor. Or even better, ignore them for days and then message them when you need something.

Chat at inopportune times

Everyone needs the occasional vent at work but there’s nothing worse than trying to get something done and a coworker just wont stop talking.

Slack off

One of the simplest and effective ways to annoy the life out of your team is to stop pulling your weight. Really step back from any tasks that aren’t absolutely necessary and hand off as much work as humanly possible without getting fired.

Talk down to them

To really get under the skin of your colleagues, adopt a condescending tone and accessorise it with a pitying smile. Always, always assume a lack of knowledge on their part and never correct yourself. Simples.


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