How to Deal With Negative Coworkers

By November 27, 2017For Talent

Negativity is contagious. All it takes is one disgruntled employee to put the whole office in a funk.

Which is precisely why we need to nip the groaning and the moaning in the bud as soon as possible (unless it’s valid of course). Here are just some ways that you can fend off the negativity once and for all.

Find the positive people

If the complainers and begrudgers are getting you down then it might be time to ditch them. At least during lunchtime and after work events. Research has shown that we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with. Don’t allow negative people to become part of your inner circle.

Find the positive people in your office and aim to spend more time with them. They will make you feel more upbeat, happy and productive.


Don’t overthink it

Negative people can sometimes behave irrationally. They can lash out, cause a fuss over an insignificant detail or attempt to spread gossip around the office. Don’t waste any of your valuable time trying to make sense of their actions. Sometimes there won’t be any rhyme or reason to what they are doing.

Do your best to distance yourself from them and don’t become too invested in their issues.

Kill them with kindness

If all else fails then it might be time to try and smoother your negative coworker with positivity. Jon Gordon is a business consultant and author of The No Complaining RuleDuring an interview with, he stated that “You’re dealing with an energy vampire. Negative people can suck the life right out of you.” The only way that you can counteract this is through positivity.

Choose your battles

Don’t engage every time someone irritates you. If you start an argument you are inviting that toxicity into your life. You don’t want to stoop to the negative person’s level. Instead, pick your battles.

Keep your emotions in check and stop the situation from escalating. Your colleagues will appreciate you taking the high road.

Move over negative Nelly and stay away pessimistic Pamela. It’s good vibes only from now on.

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