Stop Wasting Your Lunch Break

By April 27, 2017For Talent

Your lunch break is more than just an hour to refuel, it’s an important respite from your working day. Here’s our foolproof guide to making the most of your precious lunchtime.

Savour those flavours

It goes without saying that a balanced, nutritious meal will put you in good stead for the rest of the day. However, it’s also important to enjoy the flavour of your food and the experience of consuming it. We’re not suggesting you light some candles and crack open a bottle of wine but spending that hour in pleasant surroundings with tasty fare will really recharge your batteries.


Get out and about

There is no valid reason for you to be spending your lunch at your desk. Break free of the shackles of your computer or phone and stretch those legs. Got a ping pong table in the office? Have a game. Specialty coffee shop downstairs? Grab a cup. Meadow in the vicinity? Go for a frolic! You’ll return rejuvenated and ready to attack the afternoon!



We’ve all had days where we want to retire to a dark corner with our headphones and enough recommended carbs for a small football team. However, sitting with your colleagues for lunch is a a great way to decompress from whatever’s been stressing you out. If you can’t stand the sight of your coworkers, go meet your friends for a lunchtime reality check!


Hit the gym to make your lunchtime interlude an active one. A good gym session can lift your spirits, renew your energy and work out your aggressions. It also gives you licence to be highly smug upon your return and preach to your coworkers about the value of exercise.

Run errands

Do your Saturday self a favour and get some of your menial tasks out of the way. Whether it’s finally changing your call plan or collecting your laundry, ticking off minor errands can make you feel like you’ve had a productive and worthwhile lunch break. Plus, it frees up your evenings and weekends for the fun stuff. Win-win!

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