How to Train Your Brain to be More Efficient at Work

By October 13, 2017For Talent

You can train your brain to do a lot of things, to be more positive, to be more in touch with your emotions or even to be more intelligent.

Today is National Train Your Brain Day. So, we thought we would examine some of the ways that you can train your brain to be more efficient at work because let’s face it, we could all do with a little productivity boost every now and then.

Start your day with an intention

When you wake up in the morning or on your morning commute decide what your intention will be for the day. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and why. Forming a plan at the beginning of the day will give you a clear idea of what you need to achieve.

Do your creative work first

Most people do mindless work first and then build up to tougher tasks. This inevitably drains your energy. Every single decision that you make tires your brain. If you want to boost your efficiency you should tackle the more complex jobs first when your brain is still focused. Use the afternoon to complete less stressful tasks like editing or replying to emails.

Eat dark chocolate

We can definitely get on board with this. We all know that foods like fish, vegetables, and fruit can help our brain perform optimally but did you know that dark chocolate is actually great for your mind too?

When you eat dark chocolate your brain produces dopamine which helps you to learn faster. The next time you’ve got a big project coming up make sure you stock up on chocolate treats.

Train your body

Yup, you guessed it, exercise not only makes you happier and increases your lifespan, it also boosts your brain activity too.

Briefly exercising for just 20 minutes improves information processing and memory functions. That morning jog doesn’t seem like such a bad idea now does it?

Change your lighting

Believe it or not but lighting can have a huge impact on your brain functionality. Something as simple as having the wrong bulbs could alter your cognitive ability. Try to expose yourself to as much natural light as possible if you really want to boost your productivity. Research has shown that office workers perform better when sitting beside a window. Fluorescent lights on the other hand actually drain our brain’s resources.

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