6 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re the New Hire

By October 17, 2017For Talent

Starting a new job can be a little bit daunting. You don’t know what your colleagues will be like, you’re nervous about the workload, and you’ve probably spent at least an hour planning the perfect first-day outfit.

Listen, we know it’s not always plain sailing which is why we decided to outline some of the mistakes that you should avoid. If you stay clear of these pitfalls you will be off to a great start.

Don’t spend too much time on your mobile phone

Turn your phone to silent and don’t leave it on your desk. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a hipster startup or a traditional big corporation, it is better to play it safe and stay completely professional on your first day. You can survive one or two days without checking Instagram every 20 minutes right?

Don’t try out a brand new outfit

That gorgeous new pencil skirt might look great but will you really be comfortable in it all day? New jobs are stressful enough, a tight outfit won’t help. Stick to an old faithful combination that you absolutely love and you’ll feel much more confident.

Do bring some snacks

You might want to bring a few snacks with you in case some of your meetings roll over into your lunch break or there aren’t that many good food places near your new office. It is better to be overly prepared. No one needs to meet hangry you during the first week.

Don’t be late

In fact, if you really want to make a good first impression then you should be early. Aim to be at your office ten minutes before you need to be each morning. This will give you time to talk to your colleagues and get yourself settled before the work day begins.

Don’t rush out the door at home time

You shouldn’t run for the door once the day ends (even if you want to). Instead, take a few minutes to finish up what you’re doing, send any emails you have to, tidy your workspace, and write down a few notes for tomorrow. This will help you to stay organised.

Do ask lots of questions

When you start a new job it can feel like you’re being bombarded with information. Do your best to listen and take everything in. If it helps, write things down in a notebook so you can look over them again later. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask them. It shows that you’re interested and will help you to complete your tasks properly.


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