Getting Fired Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

By October 25, 2017For Talent

If you love your job and you work extremely hard then the thought of being fired may cut you particularly close to the bone.

Rejection never comes easy, especially in the workplace so it’s only natural that your first reaction is to feel hurt, disappointed, and sometimes even betrayed.

You’ll doubt yourself, doubt your capabilities, and maybe even your own self-worth. We’re here to stop that happening.


What if we told you that being fired is not always a bad thing? What if we said that there are some times when getting fired might just be the best thing that has ever happened to you?

If you were working in a job where you weren’t happy, where you were undervalued, or where you just didn’t fit in with the company culture then we are glad you were fired. There, we said it.

At Jobbio our mission is to help you find your perfect job. We don’t want people to stay in roles that don’t excite them or help them to grow as a person. Life is just too short for that kind of nonsense.

If you’ve been through this situation before then we want to talk to you. We are looking to interview people who have been fired from a previous job. We want to find out how it has changed their lives for the better and how it has allowed them to find out where they’re really supposed to be.

If this sounds like you all you have to do is reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook or via email ( We want to end the stigma around getting the sack and let people know that it’s okay to face that kind of rejection, it just means that something even better is just waiting around the corner.

Do you want to get involved? Get in touch today.

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