#WorkQuirks: The London Company With a Sauna in their Office

By April 18, 2018For Talent

 Each Wednesday we bring you the best (and wackiest) work perks from around the world.

This week we’ve got everything from staff holidays to an in-house sauna. If your office has an unusual work perk let us know over on Twitter.

Asana, life coaching

Asana, the project management software set up by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, offers their staff members a whole host of impressive perks. Employees can enjoy organic meals prepared by their in-house chef, unwind with a yoga class or spend up to $10,000 kitting out their workspace. Just think about the fancy desk you could buy with that kind of money.

Salesforce, paid to volunteer

Salesforce employees are encouraged to give back to their communities. Every year each staff member gets seven paid volunteer days off. The company even incentivises its most charitable employees, granting $10,000 to each of the 100 top volunteers every fiscal year for them to donate to a non-profit organisation of their choice.

PwC, student loan pay down

Student loans can be a massive pain in the neck for young employees, especially in the US. To help make things easier PwC introduced a Student Loan Paydown programme. Associates or senior associates can get up to $1,200 every year to put towards their loans. The simple gesture can make a huge difference. PwC calculates that the programme can save workers up to $10,000 on principal and interest.

Transferwise, staff sauna

Would you mind getting hot and sweaty with your colleagues (in a purely professional sense of course)? Transferwise, a currency transfer company has something rather unusual tucked away in it’s London office…a sauna. Apparently, staff use it pretty frequently. That’s one way to beat the Monday blues I suppose.

Cloudreach, ”secret holidays”

Cloudreach takes all its employees out of the country together. Their “secret holidays” across Europe and North America give them an opportunity to look at the business year ahead and have a brilliant time while they’re at it. Where do we sign up?

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