#WorkQuirks: This Company Has an On-Site Barber

By November 28, 2018For Talent

Free tattoos, office saunas and discounted travel are just some of the crazy work perks that companies are offering employees.

As businesses struggle to find the right talent they are going above and beyond to attract (and retain) candidates.

Here are some of the bizarre work benefits that we came across this week.

Adoption assistance, Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health places a great emphasis on their employees’ wellbeing. They offer medical insurance, professional development and impressive maternity and paternity benefits. The perk that really stands out, however, is their adoption assistance for new parents. What a lovely gesture!

Free public transport, Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey gives their employees medical, dental and vision plans. But that’s not all, staff members also get up to $260 to spend on public transport. The bus to work would be a lot more pleasant if it was free.

On-site barber, Dropbox

If you like free food then you would probably enjoy working at Dropbox. Staff members can avail of free breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Oh, and don’t forget they also have an on-site barber if you need a quick trim before after-work drinks.

Unlimited time off, Student Loan Hero

Do you want to trek in Nepal or sunbathe in the Bahamas? At Student Loan Hero you can tick things off your bucket list without having to worry about annual leave. They also offer staff free health insurance, company retreats and state of the art technology.

Monthly massage, Wikimedia

Yes, that is the company behind Wikipedia and they are seriously generous when it comes to staff perks. Flexible work schedules, free snacks, volunteer days, fitness memberships and monthly massages, you name it, they’ve got it!

Season ticket loan, Penguin Random House

Are you an avid rugby or football fan? Workers at Penguin Random House can take out a staff loan to buy a season ticket for their favourite team. Employees also get 25 days of annual leave plus an extra day off for every year’s service.

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