#WorkQuirks – This Company Offers an Annual Travel Stipend

By March 14, 2018For Talent

In order to attract the most innovative talent, more and more companies are looking to set themselves apart by offering unusual benefits. Forget your free fruit and teabags, this week we’re taking a look at companies going above and beyond in building a unique company culture and giving employees the benefits they value most.

Airbnb – Travel stipend

Wondering how to satisfy your Wanderlust? Well if you’re lucky enough to work at Airbnb you’ll be given $2000 each year to spend at any of the host properties around the world.

Goldman Sachs – Gender reassignment surgery

In a bid to attract more diverse talent, this global investment bank expanded their health insurance to cover gender reassignment surgery. In addition to covering the cost of the surgery itself, the company policy also pays for the necessary prescription drugs such as hormone injections.

ProFinda – Remote working

Flexibility is core to the culture at ProFinda, so much so that the entire dev team works remotely. Spela Cedilnik, Head of Product at ProFinda said that two things her team value most are remote working and flexible hours.  “It’s been a big benefit as a lot of developers really want to minimise distractions and this is what remote working does really well. They can be in a constant state of flow,” she said. 

Giving employees the freedom and autonomy to dictate their own working habits means they can focus on their other responsibilities – families and passion projects – which in turn fosters goodwill among the team. Work-life balance is important she added.

remote workerdxw – Library

You don’t have to be Belle to appreciate a good book. One of the most popular perks enjoyed by the team at dxw is their free library. Employees can suggest books they’re interested in and feel will help them develop in their roles. Harry Metcalfe, Founder and Managing Director at dxw says it’s a great way to get employees invested in their professional development.

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