#WorkQuirks- The Company That Holds an All-Night Scavenger Hunt

By May 16, 2018For Talent

Work perks are an important part of a company’s culture. They help brands to attract staff, retain employees and build up their reputation in the outside world.

These days companies are going above and beyond to make sure that they stand out for all the right reasons. Here are just a few of the #WorkQuirks that caught my eye this week.

All-night scavenger hunt, Goldman Sachs

Despite working grueling hours on New York’s Wall Street, employees at Goldman Sachs still love their jobs and we bet these perks have something to do with it.

Employees can take part in pilates, tai-chi and even dragon-boating. But that’s not all, they also hold an all-night scavenger hunt once a year for charity.

It was described by The Atlantic in 2013 as “part performance art, part nerd Olympics, and part urban scavenger hunt.” What more could you want?

Free park entry, Walt Disney Company

They don’t call it the ”Happiest place on earth” for nothing. All Disney staff members from Mickey Mouse himself to janitors and ticket collectors are given free admission to the park. They can also bring along family and friends and avail of a generous discount on hotels and merchandise.

Company-wide breaks, Adobe

Every summer and winter the Adobe offices shut down for one week to give staff a well-deserved break. During this time illegible members of staff are able to go on holidays or simply spend time with their families. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax and reset knowing that you don’t have any emails to answer because everyone else is on vacation too. Sounds pretty good to us.

Free money, Qualtrics

Who would say no to some free cash? Software-maker Qualtrics gives their employees a massive $1,500 per year to spend on experiences that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. The perk was brought in this January and so far employees have done things like swimming with sharks, skiing in the Alps and trekking the Great Wall of China.

To qualify workers must be full-time employees with the company for over a year. That’s it! They don’t even have to provide an itinerary or any receipts.

“We don’t tell you what to do. We just want to say we helped you cross something off your bucket list,” said Mike Maughan, Qualtrics’ head of brand growth and global insights in Business Insider.

Free time off when you get hitched, UKFast

Planning a wedding? If you want some time off for your honeymoon then you should consider working for UKFast. The managed hosting provider gives all employees one extra week paid leave when they tie the knot. But that’s not all because they also get a £10,000 bonus for ten years’ service to the business. That two-week holiday in Bora Bora might be achievable after all.

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