#WorkQuirks- The Company With An In-House Car Wash

By June 13, 2018For Talent

We know a thing or two about work perks here at Jobbio. We’ve heard of everything from free tattoos to complimentary festival passes.

Employers are going above and beyond to try and attract top talent and employees are reaping the benefits.

Here are just some of the bizarre work perks that we stumbled across this week.

Lip sync battles, AOL

Do you think you could sing ”Lemonade” better than Beyoncé or rap ”Lose Yourself” like Eminem?

AOL just might be your dream company. The digital service provider holds lots of fun events for their staff like lip sync battles, happy hours and ping pong tournaments.

If organised fun isn’t your thing, don’t worry! They also have massage chairs and nap rooms if that’s more your speed.

Free haircuts, Adobe

Adobe employees enjoy pretty much every perk you can think of. Staff members get free haircuts, kickboxing and Pilates classes, vehicle-maintenance service and they even have a farmers market!

Our only concern is how do they manage to get any work done?

On-site car wash, Intel

Large corporations know that their employees are busy. So, to make life easier Intel has moved some ”basic” amenities into their offices around the world.

Some offices offer on-site car washes, dry cleaning and 24/7 fitness centres. Plus they have free snacks! We would probably never leave. Or maybe that’s the point?

Day off on your birthday, Cisco

Forget about a sad cake and a lacklustre rendition of ”Happy Birthday”. At Cisco, you won’t even have to go to work on your birthday. That’s because they give all members of staff an extra day of annual leave to enjoy their name day in whatever way they choose. Whether you would like to go skydiving or just enjoy a duvet day it is completely up to you.

They also have lots of different mixers and social events. Each department is given their own budget to decide what they want to do.

Does your company have any unusual work perks? Let us know on Twitter. 

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