#WorkQuirks: The Most Romantic Work Perks From Around the World

By February 13, 2019For Talent

Love is in the air!

Whether you like it or loathe it, there’s no avoiding Valentine’s Day. So to celebrate the patron saint of romance we’ve rounded up the best work perks that will appeal to your mushy side.

$20,000 towards your wedding, Boxed

One US-based grocery e-tailer is offering their employees $20,000 to put towards their dream wedding.

Boxed CEO Chieh Huang began footing the bill for his employees’ children to go to college in 2015. A year later he offered to pay up to $20,000 for employees’ weddings after learning that a member of staff was working two jobs in order to save for their nuptials. What an old romantic!

Mystery dinner, HubSpot

Do you love blind dates? Then you’d enjoy this unique perk enjoyed by the team at HubSpot. Employees sign up and only find out on the day what restaurant they will be going to and who will be attending. Just remember to weigh up the pros and cons before you start dating a college.  

Time off for a breakup, Hime & Company

The course of true love never did run smooth. Hime & Company are known for their “break-up break” policy. They offer employees one or two days off after they break up with their significant other. Free time to sit on the sofa and watch crappy rom-coms? Yes, that definitely seems like a good idea.

Free time off when you get hitched, UKFast

Planning a Valentine’s Day wedding? If you want some time off for your honeymoon then you should consider working for UKFast. The managed hosting provider gives all employees one extra week paid leave when they tie the knot. Sounds pretty romantic huh?

Help finding a spouse, Alibaba

Do you need help with your matchmaking? At Alibaba’s Chinese office there are dating boards full of blue and pink hearts. Each heart is dedicated to a specific employee and contains their photo and phone number. So, if you fancy your colleague you can simply search the board and see if they’re single. CEO Jack Ma has also held mass weddings for staff members in the past. Creepy? Maybe just a little bit.

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