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By May 24, 2018For Companies

The day is nigh, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on the 25th of May and with it a number of changes to how companies collect, process, store and dispose of data. While we’ve already spoken about the ways in which GDPR will affect your business and how to prepare, we also wanted to share with you the ways in which using Jobbio helps you to be GDPR compliant.

The new regulation states that data subjects (in this case candidates) need to give consent for their information to be processed, including storing applications or filing CVs. This consent needs to be “specific, informed and unambiguous”. Our latest product updates can help you better control your talent information and avoid fines of up to 4% of your yearly global turnover.

You can now dictate exactly how long talent information is stored in your dashboard, making it easier to effectively manage your data retention policy.

Job settings

We’ve updated our job settings to include a deletion timeframe for all incoming applicants. When reviewing talent you have the option to pass on unsuitable candidates or shortlist those you’re interested in. Our new job settings mean that if neither option is taken within your set deadline, the applicant will be removed from your dashboard.

Talent pool settings

As above, we have also updated our talent pool settings to remove any unnecessary data and help ensure that you’re not in breach of the new regulations. You can now set a deletion timeframe in line with your own data retention policy for candidates you shortlist into your talent pool. You maintain full control over the duration of the timeframe.

Custom fields in questions

Our new dashboard allows companies to capture a greater depth of information too. We’ve added more options to our custom questions so you have increased control over how you communicate with potential hires and the type of data you capture.

Candidate information requests

Under the GDPR data subjects have additional rights regarding accessing and removing the information companies store on them. As well as that, users are entitled to have all personal data furnished to them within 30 days of being requested, free of charge. All information requests will be managed by Jobbio through

Database redesign

To ensure our platform is fully GDPR compliant, we’ve redesigned our database with privacy top of mind. Each line of code has been rewritten by our dev team to preempt any potential security breaches.

Capturing the right kind of permission

We will be capturing consent from talent as they sign up which will cover any processing of data under legitimate interest, by us or our brands, on the Jobbio platform.

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