Over Half of Tech Workers Say Their Workplace is Toxic

Toxic work environments are a big taboo in the tech world. While companies preach inclusive, fun-loving cultures with in-house bars and comfy bean bags, often the reality is very different.

Discrimination, sexual misconduct and micro-managing are still a big part of the tech scene from tiny startups right up to large multinational companies.

A new survey by Blind has shown that over half of tech workers believe that their workplace is toxic and damaging to their health.

Blind is an anonymous community app for the workplace. They asked 9,000 tech workers if their work environment is healthy.

Worryingly, a staggering 52% said it is not.

The survey also broke down responses by company. The results showed that Intel had the most toxic work environment (48.5%) followed by Amazon (46.5%) and eBay (44.5%)

Employers with the least toxic environments, according to employees, were LinkedIn (17.3%), Google (23.7%) and Uber (29.7%).

Blind said that with most adults spending the majority of their time in the workplace, an unhealthy work environment can leave them with poor health and damage their personal relationships outside of the office.

So what can employers do? They can start by making employee wellness a top priority and ensuring there is an open and honest culture for making complaints.

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