How Iris Recognition Changed the Tech World

Imagine being able to take money out of the ATM with just a look. Well, thanks to iris recognition that might happen a lot sooner than you think.

Because of its very low margin-of-error and fast speed, iris recognition is now one of the most trusted ways of confirming the identity of a person. Here are just some of the ways that it has changed the world forever.

Smartphone technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was one of the first phones to use iris scanning (along with several other biometric authentication options). Users can simply look at their phone in order to unlock it. This has huge safety benefits and has been praised for its inclusivity, especially for people with disabilities.

Policing borders

Some countries use iris or retinal scanning at their borders and airports. In 2000 Charlotte/Douglas International Airport in North Carolina and Flughafen Frankfurt Airport in Germany became two of the first airports to use iris scanning in routine passenger checks. This system has been proven to speed up procedures and help officials to identify passengers quickly.

Banking and finance

Iris recognition technology is being used in banks and financial organisations around the world. In the future, it is believed that this technology will completely take over pin and password based systems in both ATMs and online banking apps. This will give banks more time to focus on other areas such as customer service.

Improving healthcare

One of the healthcare industry’s main issues is establishing accurate patient identification. Iris recognition can help to change this. With its high accuracy and ease of use, iris recognition technology allows medical professionals (especially in the US) to identify a patient’s proper insurance status and stop fraudulent claims.

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