First Grown Up Job Guide: How to Get Settled in Your New Role

By March 26, 2019For Talent

Starting your first ‘real’ job can be unsettling. All of a sudden you have a whole new routine, workload and group of colleagues.

If you’re finding it hard to find your rhythm, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Follow these quick and easy steps to help you get settled ASAP.

Never pretend to be someone that you’re not

The golden rule of starting a new job is to always be yourself.  Starting a new job can be uncomfortable. You might even be doubting your talents and skills, but it’s so important that you be true to who you are. Speak up, make sure that your voice is heard and remind yourself that this company hired you for a reason.

Make an effort

In order to make friends in your new job, you will need to proactive. Throw yourself into staff clubs and events. Make an effort to strike up a conversation over the lunch table or invite a team member for a cup of coffee. The more people that you talk to during your first month, the better.

Write everything down

Names, job titles, tasks, timetables, passwords, there are a lot of things that you will need to remember during your first few weeks. It’s easy to forget these details when you’re under pressure. To prevent this, carry around a notebook and take notes frequently. You will be able to revert back to them if you forget something.

Become part of the company culture

Fitting in at a new job often means observing the overall culture of the company and adapting to it. If you really want to settle in then you will need to embrace their company culture with open arms. That doesn’t mean that you have to attend every event or promote every social post, but you will have to demonstrate that you’re a team player.

Be aware of office politics

Every office has a set of unwritten rules. During your first few weeks, you should observe how your other colleagues act and copy their actions. Are all the coffee pods communal? Which fridge can you use? Who buys the milk? If you can befriend a veteran employee who can help you to navigate these situations.


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